ZachJ-PMB/NPACE-Holy Canoli

It’s been a mad rollercoaster ride trying to balance studies, internship work at the station, and my newest position as the manager of Columbus’ newest rock venue On The Rocks! I am a long time bartender and manager so that part isn’t complicated  (though coming into a new establishment certainly has  its hurdles), but now I am learning a whole new bag of tricks – event planning and promotion. I have been working with bands such as Eye Empire, Drowning Pool, Jesse James Dupree (of Jackyl and the TV show Full Throttle Saloon), and tons of others up and coming like Sevendust and Trapt! I don’t know if a better gig could have fallen from the heavens for me being a long time rocker, and wanting to end up in entertainment public relations!! Along with event planning, I’m learning the promotions aspect of things as well as dealing with band management, logistics, radio ads, interviews, etc. Just to much to even comprehend.

One of the most exciting events coming up is the Jesse James Dupree and Dixie Inc. Bourbon Bash. Not because of the show, or the event per say, but because I am going to have the opportunity to meet Jesse himself. He is my idol, he’s an entrepreneur, musician, performer, and entertainer. I am too excited to have the chance to hangout and dialogue with this cat.

I have been getting more and more comfortable with my remote broadcasts as time goes on. I rocked it out with the Zaxby’s girls last week, what a blast! I gave out CD’s to the kids and parents, kicked it with the Zaxby’s racecar driver, broadcast live on location for 106.9, it was just all around a fun afternoon!

Did I already mention that I got the chance to interview the guitarist and co creator of the world of Coheed and Cambria Travis Stever? Let me tell you how that went down: So I’m in the 106.9 rock studio with Chris Chaos, ready for a live phone in interview with Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. After a few minutes, their tour manager, Peter Stahl, came on the line to tell us that they couldn’t track Claudio down. I quickly interjected with ” I can be in Atlanta in 1.5 hours, how about a live interview instead?” IT WORKED! 2 hours later I was in a live interview with Travis and it was beautiful! For the rest of the evening, as i enjoyed the concert, I did impromptu interviews with fans and sent them in via email recordings on my phone. It was awesome!

These are only a few of the situations I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Thanks to Chris Chaos, PMB broadcasting, Dave Arwood, and Columbus State University, I am living the dream, right here in Columbus Georgia, and I don’t graduate until next spring!! How much cooler can this get!!

Thats all I have this time, so until next time…

WORD OF THE DAY: cavil (/ˈkævəl/) – v: to raise irritating and trivial objections.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jesse James Dupree hackin’ up a guitar with his chainsaw!!


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