Mark Yanoschik – Madden Sports Time

This has definitely been a huge year for the Communications department at Columbus State University since we have opened  the NPACE Center to the public, started a radio station, and are in the process of starting up a TV station that will air on a channel provided by Mediacom. I have been to two meetings and two test screenings for CSU TV and I finally had my final screen test.


Since I have been producer and talent for Friday Night Sports Focus on numerous occasions they wanted me to do a screen test for a sports show. One of the production workers had the idea the call it “Madden Sports Time”, which I did not mind. For 19 minutes I discussed baseball, basketball, and football (on the local and national level) to make sure the show appeals to everyone. Dr. Baltimore really enjoyed my screen test and wants me to do a weekly show. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am excited to get started! This experience will hep me build up not only my resume, but my media skills as well. I want to be as prepared as possible for the job market when I finish college.


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