Jessica Word – Guardian Research Group Shoot

Yesterday, I able to tag along with Professor Hart, Kayla, and Minchin, to Columbus Technical College to shoot a video for the Guardian Research Group. The video is intended to serve as an educational tool for those who have loved ones with asthma.

Prior to the shoot, Professor Hart tried instill in us the importance of preparation. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! If you’re not prepared, the end product will more than likely not be as quality as you would have hoped.

Once we arrived, it was apparent there had been an communication error. We were under the impression that we would be shooting simulator dummies, however, this was not the case. The premise of the video is to follow a young boy who struggles with asthma. The young boy, our “actor” actually came to the shoot and we were asked to shoot the boy instead of the dummy.


Furthermore, the room proved to have some logistical errors and we were forced to move to another location to shoot the sequence. Professor Hart was able to think on his feet and things started to come together.

The whole process was very interesting, Professor Hart set up multiple cameras to capture all different angles, as well as lights and preparing the sound equipment. Overall, the shoot was a success! It was really fun to be a part of this shoot.

I spoke with the director, Kathy Wolfe, and she mentioned to me that she wants to continue working with the NPACE Center and shoot many more educational videos. The next video, she would like to focus on those with renal issues, going through dialysis, or have kidney-related issues. This is something I am very interested in, because my brother suffered from kidney disease.

Fingers crossed, this will turn into an internship with this amazing organization!


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