Hudson Thompson – Check me out on Saturdays…

Alright, so this week was super-insane-crazy-awesome!
Tuesday and Thursday, I helped Dave out with his show. Also, I got to help Gator out with some of the usual stuff. The thing that stood out Thursday was we were all listening to a station that the company that owns our station also owns. They had some great liners (the things in between songs/people talking that have explosions/weird noises/sounds/etc. and say the name of the station and have a catch phrase or something along those lines). So, we got to talking and Dave said that the station gets their interns to work on a lot of the promos and liners, etc. I saw this as my chance to yell “I’ve been telling you guys to let me write the greatest liner of all time!”

So, now I have been given that task.

Next week, I will embark on the creation of a liner so delicious, Gordon Ramsey won’t be able to touch it!

Today was especially fun, because, I officially voice tracked 5 hours. From 9 AM – 2 PM – I, Hudson Myles Thompson, will be on 100.9 WCJM The Bull!


Finishing up voice tracking the 9:00 hour

 I see different DJ’s voice-tracking and I guess it is because I am usually busy with other things, but I don’t notice them taking a long time. But, I know this, it felt like it took me a while to finish those 5 hours. Regardless, it was awesome, and I am stoked to do it again!

If any of you guys get the chance to listen to the station, it is 100.9. And, I’ll be on from 9 AM – 2 PM. It is definitely not my style of music and I had fun with that (mispronouncing names, talking about bands I know nothing about)! But, I had a good time, nonetheless!


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