Charissee McKee- Twitter

I have completed my media plan.

I had to do some research on our Facebook and Twitter page and see what our demographic is. I also had to figure out what content our students respond to the most. I have outlined what I believe would be best for our department, especially the departments Twitter page. They do not have a lot of followers and most of the information is just linked from the Twitter page. There is no content between the departments Twitter page and followers being shared. There should be interaction and frequent posts.

We did learned in my  PR class not to become a twammer, but still make your presence known on Twitter. We want to have more followers on the Twitter page, especially our students. We are the leaders in social media. I hope my media plan is successful as well as helpful for this department if it is utilized after my internship. I have a lot of information over theses past 3 weeks about social media and I know it will be very beneficial for me in the future since a lot of companies are going to social websites to reach their targeted audiences. Now, I know how to develop a media plan and I know I can take these tips with me in the future. I realize it is more than just putting up a status on a daily basis. You have to engage your targeted audience. I am glad I am learning these important tips now.

Comm Dept


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