Charissee McKee- Kickoff for Artbeat

This Thursday was the kick off for Artbeat! Everyone was excited about the opening event. The mayor was going to be there, as well as local news stations and present the Before I Die Wall, which was created by seniors from the Arts Department. I have never been a part of something of this magnitude, but I am excited about learning the ins and outs of what to do during Artbeat. I really see now that it takes a lot of work and planning. Thursday we were just trying to look for some blogs and invite them to Artbeat. We want people from different areas to know about this two week celebration.

before i die

I got a little experience with social media, by actually posting a status on one of the pages. I had to thank those students who created the wall for Artbeat. One thing that Hannah told me is that it is always best to acknowledge those who have helped with anything publicly. If not, it can cause some major problems. We learned in PR to always be transparent, instead of letting an issue go unrecognized. Hannah has been a lot of help with trying to teach me about social media. I know I will be able to apply these tips in my future career.


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