Friday Night Sports Focus

Last Friday, I got to take Maggie’s place on Friday Night Sports Focus. I am different then most people because I find both production and talent work very interesting. I did not have much time to learn how to be a producer, but i’ve learned that you have to be ready to deal with difficult situations in a short amount of time in the media industry. I learned how to run the board and set up the intros and outros. Throughout the show I was having to make sure we were staying on schedule so that we could follow our cues for commercials from PMB. For the show content itself, we talked primarily about the NFL combine and draft. I am a Notre Dame fan, so I loved getting to talk about Manti Te’o.

Being such an integral part of the show, Friday night helped me in more ways than I can put into words because the best way to learn something is to actually go out and do it. The are many talented people who want jobs in the media industry and I have to do everything I can to put myself on top. The Friday Night Sports Focus show at NPACE is going to be a huge achievement that I can put on my resume along with being an intern at WLTZ. Make sure you listen to the show on Friday nights on 106.5 FM!



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