Charissee McKee- Department of Communication Lounge

Yesterday, I watched tutorials about Final Cut Pro X so I could get familiar with it. I have only a little experience with Final Cut Pro X and video production, but those tips from the video would have been helpful. I am glad that I was able to look at the videos. Someone may want to come in the NPACE center and need help with editing their video, I will be able to help them with that and give them some pointers. It is something I feel I should learn, especially since I am interning for the NPACE Center. I have only produced one video so far. It turned out nice, but I used my own camera. My group and I made a good grade on the video, but if we knew these steps it could have been even better and look more professional. I want to be able to help other students in that aspect.

Yesterday, I also had to look through some student’s papers about a Listening Space for students who took the Active Listening course. I had to find common statements between students and come up with the top ten requests from our students for a lounge within the department. This is supposed to be presented soon and we are hoping that we are able to have this lounge for our students. We need a place where it is quite and conducive to learning, comfortable, a place where groups can meet and a place were students could access computers. There were more requests from students, but that was just a few that I listed. It would be very helpful for us and I am hoping that it comes through. Future students would love it!

Comm Dept


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