Mock Show

Initially, I spent the week watching tutorial videos about Final Cut Pro X. I am thankful to be a student at a university like Columbus State which offers the latest technology to aid in the teaching for its students. The fact that I know how to use Final Cut Pro X will help me find work in the job market upon graduating. It is going to take time to learn everything and become proficient in using the technology, but all of the work will be well worth it.Image

Later in the week, I got to go to Columbus State’s very own TV studio and do mock shows in preparation for the cable launch this summer. It was a great practice for me since this is something that I seriously want to consider doing after college. The fact that Mediacom is going to air CSU TV on one of their channels speaks volumes about the success of CSU TV and CSU’s Communications department. The mock show that other students and I worked on was one similar to The View. We discussed pop culture, school events, celebrities, and movies. We had a large group of talented and ambitious students who were able to contribute much to the mock show yesterday. It was definitely a good sign of what is to come.


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