Jeremy Statum – Etc., Etc., Etc.

The past two weeks have been ones for the record books in my life, and as a consequence, lo siento for the lateness of this post. I plan on making an extra couple posts this week to keep the updates on my internship and semester caught up and flowing. In my last entry, I talked about getting my car back and getting my business underway in an orderly fashion once again, but alas, the stars don’t seem to be in alignment for that. I did get my vehicle back, and it has been an immense boost for me, but literally the day after I was on the road again I was informed that my father was having surgery when he was already in the operating room, and my roommate informed me that he would be moving out by the end of the month. The stress of that situation aside, I am thankful that my father is recovering. And when I haven’t been at the NPACE center or in class, I have been scrambling looking for a place to live, asap.

The interviews with local businesses have been slow-going so far in regards to actually getting anything laid down and recorded concretely, but that will change shortly, and I should have a few videos posted in relatively quick progression. Jud’s schedule at the coffee shop has been understandably hectic. Only within the past few weeks was the paperwork finalized  to make him the official owner of the establishment. Last weekend, the Thespian Conference was underway and every business downtown was overrun with masses of astoundingly exuberant high-schoolers. The same happened again this weekend with the Vocal Conference for the school of music. Its been great for business, but management and staff alike have been running non-stop. Fortunately, during this time I have talked to a few other business owners about my internship project. The managers/owners of The Foxhole (formerly Eighty-Five) bar, The Vault, Brothers General Store, and when it opens the new sushi restaurant, have all agreed to let me interview them.

I am also starting preliminary work on my documentary dealing with a select few people and their experiences with our countries university system. This short film will have facts provided for backdrop, but the aim is to tell the story of these individuals and their opinions on the subject while explaining how they reached these conclusions.

Lastly, I am extremely happy with how wonderfully the grand opening at NPACE went Thursday. I took what can only be described as an absurd amount of pictures throughout the day, and its taking me a while to go through them. I can’t wait to post all wonderful moments I captured. To close out I’m taking a cue from Zack Jamieson and posting a video of the week. I personally find the musical composition and the cinematography of this video to be beautiful. It captures the feeling of finding harmony in the midst of chaos in a way that I not only strive to be able to do in my own way, but also hits quite close to home with me as of late.

Disclaimer – There is nothing inappropriate shown and no cursing in this video, but it is designed and composed to be uncomfortable. Some may have issue, so fair warning:

the pAper chAse – Said the Spider to the Fly

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