Jessica Word – Exciting Internship

Hey everyone! This is my first blogging experience and I am really looking forward to continuing this throughout the semester. I have been interning in the NPACE center for the past two weeks I have been writing and editing PSA’s for the communication department, NPACE, and the NPACE partners. Along with several other students, I am on the PMB Broadcasting team, and we are hard at work to produce many PSA’s to air on all PMB stations.

We are all actively preparing for the official launch of the NPACE center this Valentine’s Day. With the help of my lovely roommate, I have been working on making a flyer so we can promote it on Facebook and Twitter. We want let as many people as possible know about all of the exciting opportunities NPACE has to offer.

It seems that I have a busy semester ahead of me and I am so excited to be interning here!



Mark Yanoschik – My First Two Weeks at NPACE

I have been working at the NPACE center for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with my new job! I have been around incredible people who are teaching me new things everyday. I have learned a great deal more in the past couple of weeks than I was expecting. I helped out with the Friday Night Football Focus radio show last semester so I have been around NPACE despite the fact that I have not taken any production classes. The professors really mean it when they say that the students can get very involved with the program. I am a traditional freshman and have already done a great deal with the NPACE center. Everything that I am learning is going to be very beneficial because I plan on working in the media field after I graduate. I have interned at WLTZ for the past two summers and  over winter break and I believe this is the right field for me.  I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have had and am doing what I can to make the most of them!

A week ago some of the professors and student assistants gave a tour of the NPACE center to a group of Explorer Scouts. It was fun to see a group of young teenagers look so excited when they saw what the NPACE center is capable of accomplishing. I felt the same way when I walked into the building for the first time last summer. Maggie, Zach, and I gave a demonstration of the sports show which is broadcasted from NPACE and discussed all of the opportunities and experience that the NPACE center has given us. Tyler filmed the entire tour and I have been editing it together so that it can be a possible promotional tool for the NPACE center. It is taking a while because I am still learning how to use Final Cut Pro X (luckily I have had Jessica to help me). I have been watching the instructional videos on Professor Hart’s nownewmedia blog, which I recommend to anyone who hasn’t learned how to use Final Cut Pro X. Thank you for reading, next week I’ll be giving another update of my exciting time in the NPACE center!


Courtney Mason – The Newest Intern

Today marks my very first day as an intern. So far, no one has asked me to get them coffee, collate thousands of papers, or do the job they are getting paid to do. Relief.

I am an NPACE/Comm Department intern, and I was just added to the team officially yesterday. My lovely roommate was already working as an intern, and I wanted to be involved with NPACE after seeing all the cool stuff with which she was involved. I don’t think people realize how big of an impact NPACE will have on our community and school, and I want to get in on the action. I want to say I was a part of this, when it was in its ground-floor stages; that I helped to make it what it will eventually become.

So I have no idea what kinds of shenanigans I will be getting into or bringing to the department, but I know that it is going to be a blast. I am already pretty excited about some of the initiatives in which I am involved. All these other students are just brilliant, and I am definitely glad I get to glean some knowledge from their teeming brains! (That was a Keats reference, fyi)

Overall, I am absolutely grateful to Dr. Gibson and the rest of the department for the opportunities I am being given. Not to get all mushy, but I feel like I am being given a chance to start from scratch and really create the portfolio, and ultimately, the career of my dreams!

This is my face…


Jasmine Jones- Only the Beginning of an Exciting Semester at WTVM

January 14, 2013, was my first official day at WTVM as an intern.  I was excited  because I was looking forward to learning new things about the station.  On the first day I met with the news director, Chris Robinson, and he explained that I would be learning a new area of the station each week.  He had an itinerary typed out for me for each week, which I thought was awesome and very organized.  This week I learned more about the technical production and web programming side of WTVM.  I got a chance to see how the editors edit the news clips for the noon show and I learned how to input a story onto the WTVM news database.  I was able to get some hands on experience while Josh Ninke, a web programmer, who sent me stories and I uploaded them to the web.  Along with that, I was able to use editing software to see how everything operated and I got a chance to play around with different clips.  It was a good experience to learn about the technical production and web programming side of the news station.  I look forward to the many weeks to come!


Jeremy Statum – Planning for an Exciting Internship with Casual Fridays Design

The first two weeks of class have been very exciting for me. I am doing my Junior Internship with Casual Fridays Design, a local media solutions company. Over the course of this semester, I will be filming a series of bi-weekly videos interviewing local business owners about their establishments, what they do for the community, and how they would like to see their businesses grow. I will be actively trying to garner new business for the CFD team, hopefully filming and airing some commercials on the local television stations, and I will also be putting together a 20-30 minute documentary with the help of the crew. Along with being in Video Production II with Professor Hart, it will be a smart move for me to buy a camera, which I plan to do this coming week.

I have been looking forward to interning with this company for quite some time, namely because I have worked on a couple projects with them in the past. Below is a video I was involved with a while back that CFD put together in a project for a high school senior who was doing her own internship with them at the time. Hope you enjoy how ridiculous it is. And a hint if you don’t know me, I’m the monk…

Zach Jamieson -PMB and NPACE- Just because I’m excited!

After speaking with Chris Chaos at the station, we now have access to Chaos on the Rocks. Chris is going to help us gain permission and access to national acts that shall remain nameless until that fully comes to fruition, but some wicked exciting prospects none the less, trust me. We do have access to the club for sure and we’re ready to blow this up!


Also, I just invested in a new panasonic GH2 with a 14-45mm lens to get started with. Wicked excited to get workin’ with this bad boy! Having access to more cameras will make this documentary supper killer! We’ve already come up with a few schemes that I think will make for some amazing footage! So excited to get this thing in my hands, you don’t even know!!


That’s it for now y’all! Stay tuned for more exciting events and plans!

If you want to keep up with this project (documentary) as it comes together, please visit us at: whatsmedia4

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 1: Assignment Desk

As the new semester was approaching, and with it, my internship at WTVM News Leader 9, I found myself thinking about the news and wondering, “Where does news come from, anyway?”  There are all of these things happening in the world, and somehow certain notable events end-up on the news.  How do the news channel knows all of this stuff?  Fortunately for me, my first week at WTVM was spent at the assignment desk.  Question answered.

The assignment desk is the hub for collecting news stories.  As the Assistant News Director for WTVM, Janell, explained, “The assignment desk is the nucleus of the news station.”  Working at the assignment desk includes constantly monitoring police scanners, phone calls, emails, online sources, and other news stations.  Once a newsworthy story has been identified, the Assignment Editor assigns the stories to reporters.  Then, the producers plug the stories into their shows.


Sometimes WTVM’s sister stations will email stories from other areas, and the Assignment Editor and Producers decide whether or not to pick the story up.  For example, on my first day, WALB let us know that they had a story about a veterinarian who euthenized her six animals, and then herself.  At first, there was deliberation about whether or not WTVM would air the story, especially since the Assignment Editor, Kelsey, is an animal lover and found the story very disturbing.  Then, the 5:30 producer, Jessica, decided to pick the story up for her show.  Kelsey put the information in the system, Jessica gave it a slot, and when the show went live, the WALB reporter connected to WTVM via live link, a first for WALB.
On my second day, we were building a segment to inform the community about the current flu situation, so I spent some time calling local pharmacies to see who still had plenty of flu vaccinations, and who was out.  This was the first time I got to use the line, “Hi, this is Christina with WTVM.  How are you?”
It turns out that my internship hours work out very well.  At the end of the day, I am able to sit in the control room or the studio and watch the 5:00pm and 5:30pm shows go live.  The anchors and reporters inform the viewers all about the stories we’ve discussed throughout the day.  And now, I know where those stories came from.