Jasmine Jones – Learning is Key

This is my second week  interning at WTVM and I continue to learn a lot about the broadcasting industry.  This week I met Kelsey,  the assignment coordinator, and I got a chance to shadow her and see what she does.  She assigns each reporter stories for the news, along with that she answers the phone and reports any breaking news. She had the opportunity to share how she got to WTVM which is always interesting and surprisingly we knew a lot of the same people.  This week I did a lot of writing, so that I may get better with news writing.  Janell Lewis, the executive producer, assigned news stories for me to condense to 30 seconds and write as though I am the anchor. It was challenging to shorten the stories because they were so detailed, but I enjoyed learning how to write the story more concisely.  Lastly, I met Chuck Leonard who showed me around and gave me great advice about the broadcasting industry.  I enjoyed learning from him and I hope to continue to learn more as the weeks continue.

WTVM pic 2

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