Hudson Thompson – Learning Bull

So, this is my second week here at the West Point radio station, 100.9 WCJM The Bull. I’m still getting adjusted, obviously, but it has been fun and I have already learned a good bit about the business and day to day tasks.

The big thing they have had me on this week is converting music from CD to digital for AM 1310 WPLV (the other radio show that is run out of the station’s building). The morning show’s DJ still has to load in music via CD and I have taken upon the task of updating their station.
This is the stack of CD’s I’ve tackled this week…

One thing I’ve done while there in my down time is listen to other/rival stations and pay attention to their commercials and liners. What you are looking for with the commercials is to see how many they are running per hour and when they’re running them. With listening to the liners, you are listening for possible liner ideas for your own station. “Any good idea is worth stealing” is what I was jokingly told. Listening and taking notes on what others are doing is what is known as competitive programming.

I have also aided the DJ’s in their getting ready for their hour+ section by scheduling music. I will look at certain hours and if there are overlapping songs or artists or the timing is off, I’ll change songs to make it have a better mix and the timing better.

I’m really excited in the coming weeks to possibly see some remotes take place and see someone run the board, and eventually run the board myself. That will be fun and interesting, I’m sure!!

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