Cory Veal – Double Internship!

This semester I was assigned to intern with both The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley Administration Office and the NPACE center. I was put to work with both internships immediately after gaining initial contact with them.

With working with The Boys and Girls Clubs last semester in my group communication class, I knew I wanted to intern with them this spring semester. I am also an alumni of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, so i definitely wanted to give back by offering my services to the organization. Once I emailed Raeann (Executive Secretary), she was pleased to learn of my alumni status and immediately wanted to introduce me to the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Close.

Mr. Close and I hit it off once we met. Seeing that he had just transferred from the metro Atlanta clubs office, we had much in common to discuss.We talked about my previous club experience and all the staff members we both knew, which was a great walk down memory lane for me. By Wednesday of this week I was assigned my desk and the projects I will be working on this semester.


As for the NPACE center, I met with my new team this week. We are currently working on PSA’s for all the organizations connected with the CSU communication  department. I am looking forward to  working with the team and learning much more about the NPACE center.

Having previous knowledge with television production, Professor Hart is also assisting me in learning the new format of Final Cut Pro X,  since the last one I used was Final Cut Pro 4. Yikes!!! I hope to gain knowledge of the new format as soon as possible!

I really look forward to all the experience I will gain this semester in PR and media production!

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