Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 2: Editing

My second week at WTVM News Leader 9was not as mysterious as the first week, but it was a great experience!  I got to work with Desiree, the editor at WTVM.

Desiree the Editor

Desiree the Editor

As soon as I arrived, she put me to work editing a package for one of the reporters (to air Thursday, Jan 24 at 8 p.m.).  The segment is about rundown properties in Columbus, the landlords that own them, and the tenants who lease them.

The reporter’s voiceover was already laid down, so I had the task of going through the raw footage and finding the images to match the words.  I went through image after image of homes in terrible condition, and tried to tell the story of the situation visually.  Since WTVM uses Edius as their editing platform, the software was new to me, but similar to Final Cut Pro X, so I knew enough to complete the task.


Editing a news segment

When I had added footage to the whole report, Desiree came, made her revisions, and the segment was complete!  I learned that for most news stories, the edits should be swift and the shots should be varied, unless the report is sad, then the shows can be timed slower.  But really, it’s entirely up to the editor’s decisions.

Here is a link to the segment I worked on (it begins at 1:05 into the video):  

Poverty Next Door: Town Hall Meeting – Part 2


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