Kelly – Final Editing Day – NPaCE


This past Thursday was the last day of my NPACE Center internship, as well as my work towards my Bachelor’s degree!

Thursday we had several students come in for help with their video projects. Along with Mr. Hart’s help, we assisted one student in finalizing her project. We reviewed the production in Final Cut Pro and made a few edits in color correction to enhance the video in ways the student wasn’t aware of. We then had several students come in to upload their projects to the hard drive up until closing time, 6:00pm. We reviewed with each student to ensure their projects had all of the requirements for Mr. Hart’s Video Production course, and that the individual productions were uploaded to the correct hard drive. Mr. Hart created a check-list on the dry-erase board for us to follow and to use as a checklist.

Overall, the afternoon was a success. We were busy with students the entire time allotted. I am happy that I was able to put my video production skills to use and help other students! I believe this to be a great opportunity for future interns. Not only did I assist students in their learning, I also was able to learn more myself!


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