Carlinton – Recommendations For LiveHealthyColumbus


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Tomorrow, during my final meeting with the LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC) administrator, I intend to make a few recommendations. Chief among my recommendations will be the suggestion that LHC develops forms a more permanent relationship with CSU’s communication department. One the most significant problems faced by LHC is the fact it does not effectively or consistently leverage the power of traditional and social medias outlets. As a result, I will recommend that LHC develop an understanding with Dr. Gibson (Chair of COMM Dept) to have an intern work with the organization on a consistent basis. A student who has honed his/her skills in the NPACE center would be of tremendous value to LHC. In my view, given the limited resources of LHC, they must make it a priority to multiply the reach of all their events by leveraging the power of all forms of media. Again, a CSU communications student could easily assume responsibility for, and successfully fulfill this priority.

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