Kelly – Video Editing at it’s BEST – NPaCE

This week I have been busy at NPaCE familiarizing myself with Final Cut Pro.  I have played around with an older version and several other editing softwares at work, however had not yet seen this highly talked about version.

Many people in the editing world were at first not happy with the new version. However, now, with many add-ons, it has proved to be very useful. When first looking at the timeline and platform, I noticed it looked very similar to other Apple softwares and a little like iMovie (which is what I had heard). I decided the best way for me to quickly learn the basics, so I would be able to help students with their video projects in time for the end of the semester, I would review online video tutorials.

I used izzyvideo to learn. These videos were great. They had examples that were easy to follow. I decided to use some raw footage on the hard drive to follow the directions of what I was learning. Having experience in video editing, even on other software, gave me a great start in understanding what to do.

While no students came in for help this week, I used my time to learn in order to be fully prepared for next week when students are sure to come in, as projects will be due!


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