Kelly – The Final Friday Night Football Focus of the season! – NPaCE

Last week we had our last run for the season. It was yet another successful show and we received just as much feedback as the previous week.

I am so glad to have been a part of NPaCE’s first radio show. It was such an amazing experience! I got to not only see, but also learn about what all it takes to put on and run a successful show. While I did not participate on the show exactly, as I did social media, it was fun to learn and come up with ways to engage the living environment of the web and the actual show and bring them together.

Every week Tyler and I saw our audience grow. It was exciting to sit in the back room and watch the numbers increase, and to have people comment on the show and ask questions that we could then tell the host and have the questions answered live. We enabled a way for our audience two-way communication that isn’t always offered for radio shows. While, some nights it would be a little disappointing when our reach and activity was low, it just made the night where feedback was high all the more exciting.

Through working with the show, I learned how to use Facebook in a professional way. While it is the same as how we use social media on a daily basis, using it for promotion and business is still very different. It was interesting learning the “behind the scenes” world of Facebook.

While the radio show is over, I still have a couple more weeks of interning. I am going to use this time to help students with their video productions in NPaCE.


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