Kelly Hovey, Radio Time, NPaCE

This past Friday down at NPaCE radio, we covered the play-off games. It was fun, as always, especially in the engagement we had through our social media. During play-offs, there are fewer games and higher stakes, so people everywhere pay attention and are usually pulling for someone. We had great feedback yet again this week. Our statistics showed that while we had not had as much online participation as we had the previous week, our numbers were still high.

In reviewing the Insights of our participation levels on Facebook, I noticed an area for us to improve and reach a larger audience. Facebook has this amazing way of advertising. It gives you not only the ability to share pages and invite friends (as we had been doing), it also has an ad service. These ads show up on the right side of people’s news feed. And not just friends who have been invited to like the page, but all of their friends and other people in similar networks as well. In purchasing this ad space, we have the potential to reach over 32,000 people. The cost is relatively cheap, around $10 is the quote we received, and contains a logo and a brief description. While we did not choose to do this ad seeing as how the season has now ended, it is now known of and will definitely be an option to explore in the future. It’s amazing to see how much social media has to offer!


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