Kelly- Friday Night Football Focus- NPaCE

Last Friday we had yet another successful run down at NPaCE for Friday Night Football Focus! I’m also proud to announce that mine and two other members of the FNFF crew’s high school team, the Harris County Tigers, won their game and are now Regional Champions!

Mr. Hart was unable to be with us this week due to other events going on at the same time as the show, so we were responsible for keeping the show organized and successful. In the beginning of the night, we did have a few bumps. There were some technical issues in synching times for commercial breaks with our partners at PMB. However, after the first break, we were able to correct this issue. After this hiccup, we were smooth sailing.

Social media for the show was incredibly successful. We had the largest reach throughout the whole season! We saw such an increase in likes (about 50!), postings to the page, and comments. There was interaction between fans of the page in which we have not seen before.

We will be covering the play-offs, as well. So be sure to stay tuned-in as we cover the games and see who the champions are!


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