Carlinton – The value of Face-to-Face communication


Continuing my reflection on the many lessons learned this semester, during my work with the nonprofit LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC), I reminded of the importance of face-to-face communications. During my time working with LHC one of the most troublesome challenges I faced was the ineffectiveness of communicating by email, phone, social network, and instant messages. While working with LHC I had to conduct coordinations with organizations such as Home Depot, Columbus Parks and Recreations, Columbus Public Library, WTVM, and the Boys and Girls club, to name a few. While interacting with these organizations, I eventually realized that I tend to get the information and behavior I desired when I communicated face-to-face. In my profession as a Soldier, face-to-face communications is very important and often the preferred means of communication. However, I’ve always taken this to mean that the military is behind the civilian sector in terms of computer-mediated communications (CMC). I now see that face-to-face communications is extremely valuable across many professions. Interestingly, of all the organizations that I interacted with, while working with LHC, the Columbus Public Library responded best to CMC. I’ve heard Dr. Gibson and Dr. Abbey commented that more and more organizations are expending considerable resources to communicate face-to-face. My experience working with LHC, allowed me see confirmation their comments.

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