Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show-Production Intern

So this is one of my final weeks as a production intern and I have really enjoyed it. One of the final things I am learning is how to have an “on air presence” while filming the news.

Some of the greatest news casters of all time like Peter Jennings, Larry King, Dan Rather, Oprah, etc, always made the listener feel like they were one with current event. How did they capture this ?

One of the first things you learn is voice inflections. You can say “Robber guns down super market owner” in a very monotone voice and it has no emotion. Or you can say it with a pause in between Robber and guns like this, “Robber-guns down super market owner”

The second thing you learn is facial expressions. If I look directly at the camera and show no emotion while saying the robber phrase, it will seem as if I am uninterested. However, raising my eyebrows, dropping my shoulder, or leaning on the desk is also effective. Nonverbal communication is key.

The last thing I am learning is about pacing. Rushing while you are speaking confuses the listener and gives off the tone like you don’t care. Proper pacing, tone, and inflections are the key to having a great on-air presence.

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