Corinne Fisher- WTVM – Coming to an End

Well, my time at WTVM has been fun and a great learning experience!  The first thing that I have learned is that I probably don’t want to be a reporter. While following a reporter around was interesting, their job is crazy! It is extremely hectic, most times stressful, requires long hours, no breaks and very little pay. Another thing that I don’t really care for in this smaller market of Columbus are the stories. Many of the stories that we did were in my opinion, silly. When I am doing a job, I want to find meaning in it and know that it counts for something; however, I couldn’t find meaning or a point to half of the stories that we were assigned to.

On the bright side, in the end, I started to work with some of the producers and found that I truly do enjoy the work that they do. While the majority of their job is spent behind a computer, it is interesting work. They are responsible for putting the entire show together. They have to search for stories to fill gaps, write scripts and make sure reporters stick to their time limits. When show time comes around, the show is run by them. If an anchor takes too long in reading their scripts, the producer must adjust some other part of the show accordingly. I had the chance to help the producers write scripts and it felt good to hear what I wrote being aired! I think I am still interested in pursuing the news as a possibly career choice, just not as a reporter.
I’ll leave you with some holiday cheer….2012-11-18_20-53-35_513


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