Natalie-WTVM-Weekend Fun.

I met Ms. Dionne at Recorders court, where she allowed me to set up the tripod and camera. She explained to me the information she was there to gather; the witnesses did not show up-court was postponed until Tuesday. We still recorded footage to report on the evening news.

We then went to the Habitat for Humanity to cover the yard sale. I observed Ms. Dionne conduct interviews of the Director and a consumer. We took B-roll and we recorded natural sound (NAT’s).  After we left the Habitat for Humanity center we went to the Holy Family church to cover the memorial for Mr. Richard Halford-the policeman who died in a helicopter crash while searching for a young man in Atlanta. Ms. Dionne conducted an interview with the family and also recorded B-roll.

With each event and each step Ms. Dionne taught me the importance of camera angles, questions, natural sounds and bringing energy to the interview. After we left the memorial we went to the police station to look at the police reports for aggravated assault and other interesting news-which led us to a local residence to record B-roll of where an assault and break-in took place. There were two young men who verified the story, but did not want to be on camera.

We then went to Gorilla Guitars to interview and record B-roll for the Re-string food drive. At this event Ms. Dionne let me set up the camera, record natural sound, and begin the interview process, of course I am not as good as she is and she stepped in to assist me with questions and the different shots needed to make the interview successful. We then went back to the station where, Ms. Dionne gave me a homework assignment to write voice-overs and sound on tape for each story and she will review when I return.

Until next time, think on this…”The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” ~ JimmyScott Hamilton


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