Natalie-WTVM-Time is Ticking

This weekend was interesting, it started off with attending the Funeral of Reverend Flakes, a well-known Pastor of the Columbus, Georgia area.

Coverage for Reverend Flakes funeral was very important, in fact we were in a hurry to arrive and get inside coverage as well as live coverage outside. We waited approximately 4 hours for the funeral to end.

Many Prominent members of the community were there such as the Mayor of Columbus, Georgia and Seale, Alabama, the Congressman and so on.  Hundreds of people lined up outside waiting to get in.

Today was my first time witnessing first hand the process of producing a live shot. The reporter had her laptop so that she could edit and prepare her package as well.

We also visited the local Salvation Army, where local organizations had prepared hot meals for the homeless. It was an early Thanksgiving celebration. We interviewed homeless people who were very happy and thankful for the meal. The Mason and Eastern Star organization expressed that they were happy to give and provide meals for the underserved of Columbus, Georgia.

One thing that has been made very clear to me during this internship, is that reporters have a lot of work to accomplish in very few hours.

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