Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Finished Brochure!!

I finally finished the summer soccer camp brochure. I enjoyed making this brochure because I was able to learn a lot about the Adobe products, which I needed to complete this project. More specifically, for this brochure, I used Adobe’s Indesign and Photoshop. I used photoshop’s selection tool to cut out the soccer player from the original picture. I then had to research and figure out how to transfer it into Indesign. The bulk of the brochure was made using Indesign. Through trial and error, and help from people in the office, I was able to figure out some of the “tricks of the trade.”

In order for me to start making the brochure I had to brainstorm what it was going to look like. I also wanted the brochure to be timeless. Therefore, I kept this in mind while creating it. This would be so that the soccer coach could use the brochure for many years to come. I did this through providing pictures of younger upcoming players of the CSU soccer team. I also felt that it was timeless with the new logo added, which hopefully will not change for a long time.

Click on this link to see the final product: SoccerCamp

I hope you enjoy!


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