Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum- Short Week

It has been a short week at the Museum. Monday the Museum was closed due to Veterans day so I returned today with plenty of things to do! It was time for another staff meeting today so we attended that first thing in the morning.  We listened to the latest announcements and any important updates that had to be told. After all of the speaking was done, there was a safety presentation done on cold weather.  It was to prepare us for the cold weather we might endure.

As soon as we got back to Ashley’s office is was back to work I went. Since I wasn’t there on Monday I was a little behind on some of the stuff I had to do. I planned all my Facebook posts for this week and began working on the next two weeks. It’s a lot harder than you think to create posts for Facebook when there is not really anything big happening. I went around the Museum and took pictures of things that I thought would make interesting posts and things that I think would attract visitors.

Our newest exhibit Growing Up in The Valley is very interesting, especially if you are from Columbus because you get to learn about what has gone on here in the past. Tomorrow is the opening of the newest exhibit called the Dawn Black Conceal Project. It’s always exciting when something new is about to go on. Third Thursday is back and it’s tomorrow and that is when the new exhibit will be opening. There will be a teens only event before that, which allows teens to come and talk one on one with the Artist Dawn Black herself.

That’s all for today!


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