Dacia Canterbury – PMB Broadcasting – PSA’s

This week at the radio station, I focused mainly on gathering up my Group Communication project members to work on and put out public service announcements for The Boys and Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley! While working with Geoff Black, who specializes in creating commercial spots for the radio stations, we were able to two 30-second PSA’s for the organization within 45 minutes! It was

Imagepretty simple for me because I had done a couple of PSA’s beforehand, but I sat to the side as another group member decided to take a wack at it! It all became fun after we got out our jitters and were able to read the text without mistakes.

Making a PSA isn’t too hard. You just have to keep in mind what your reading. Depending on the context, your inflections have to be just right! Also, you have to keep in mind to lower your voice towards the end of a sentence to indicate that a sentence was ending for listeners. Keeping the same tone of voice is also imperative! After a couple of takes and re-recording of the two PSA’s, we were able to get Geoff to start editing and to add music in the background. The recordings turned out to be pretty good!

Outside of the PSA for The Boys and Girls Club, I did the usual type of work that I do within the radio station. Filing papers, working on audio spots, and the occasional PSA for The Truth radio station and, most recently, for Applebee’s! The audio spots I worked on this week were commercial spots for The Landings. The Holidays are coming up, so the radio station is preparing for it! This definitely means more advertisement with familiar Christmas jingles in the background! So Geoff put me to work on some of these commercial breaks. If you happen to be riding along in your car within the next couple of weeks tuned into either Q107.3, Boomer 95.3, 103.7 Lite FM, Kissin 99.3, or 106.9 Really Rocks, you just might hear one of the commercial spots I made! Looking forward to hearing those across the radio waves knowing that I helped create them!

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