Natalie-WTVM “Sweeps”

Sweeps is a term used to describe television ratings.

What are “sweeps”?  Sweeps are time periods when television stations/networks typically schedule programming designed to attract a larger than usual audience

Why?  Sweep period programming is designed to attract larger audiences who in turn are exposed to advertising commercial messages. Thus, when the ratings for the sweeps period are revealed, the TV station/network can charge its advertisers more money because more people watched.

When do sweeps occur?  Typically four times a year: the months of February, May, July and November. You can find additional information concerning sweeps at

Mr. McCould a News reporter at WTVM Channel 9 is working on featuring and highlighting local artists and their perspective concerning the impact of social media with their music. While Ms. Brittany Dionne attended Recorders court, I learned about the importance of sweeps.

Untill Next time think on this….Failures are made only by those who fail to dare, not by those who dare to fail. ~Lester B. Pearson


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