Kelly Hovey- Friday Night Football Fun!

Friday nights down at the NPaCE studio have been very exciting! Since going live on October 26th, our audience has greatly increased and we have had more feedback through the show and through our social media.

The week before we went live, our social media hits were at a low. We looked at the statistics and saw that the reasoning was a mix between people simply not being online as much that night and that of us just not reaching people. However, after we went live the next Friday, we saw a huge increase in activity. Not only were we reaching more people “organically”, as Facebook calls it– we were also going “viral”! With more people “liking” and sharing our posts and actually being able to listen to the broadcast, we were reaching a larger audience instantly. We even had people in New York tuning into our broadcast on the internet! Since our first live broadcast, we have had one more that also proved even more successful.

Next week will be our last broadcast. I am looking forward to seeing just how much more we can grow our fan base and increase our social media efforts! Be sure to check out the show this Friday from 7:30-11pm!

You can tune into!home/mainPage for the live broadcast! Also check out our Facebook page for updates and football conversation!


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