Radio Station Fun with Dacia Canterbury

Last week at PMB Broadcasting was a pretty fun week! I was able to go from imaging and branding Q107.3’s station to learning more about audio and radio production. This meant more behind the scenes work!!

I was told that I was going to be practicing doing some voice overs and breaks for the station, which meant learning to perfect my radio voice. Turns out that the whole process proved to be a little challenging for me, but after awhile I got used to listening to my voice recorded. The more difficult thing for me to perfect was learning how to say a paragraphs worth of information in such a small time window, for example, from 10-16 seconds, while still maintaing a certain amount of energy in my voice! Took me literally three hours to perfect 6 segments of me talking for all of 10 seconds each.

But overall, the radio experience I’ve been receiving so far has been more than fantastic, and has exceeded the expectations I had set in my mind before coming here. The environment is still relaxed, the radio DJs are still very helpful, and everything is going by so smoothly that I sometimes even end up at the radio station longer than the allotted time slots! I’m just glad that everything is working out so greatly, even though I started this internship a little late in the semester!

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