Natalie-WTVM News Leader Channel 9

I have nothing but GREAT things to report about WTVM channel 9. 1st lesson I learned this past Friday is always come compared for anything! I arrived dressed in business casual clothing, but Video Journalist Brittany Dionne’s story by the Chattahoochee River called for rubber boots. Needless to say the lesson learned is always bring a change of clothes and shoes. 
Brittany was also dressed in business casual but she like a true professional was prepared with rubber boots in her trunk.

 Area students and local volunteers were preparing the Chattahoochee River for the up and coming white water course. They found some interesting treasures while cleaning, and reported they were proud to be assisting in something great. After recording interviews and shooting B-roll it was time to return to the station to produce the package for the evening news.
 Brittany gave me the opportunity to write several introductions for the News anchors that would be introducing her segment. I typed them up; it was harder than I thought it would be. News Anchors and Reporter always aim to speak simple language that is easily understandable yet compelling. The compelling part was the hardest part. Brittany reviewed and actually used some of what typed. Which was awesome. She is definitely an expert and expressed that practice makes perfect.After writing introductions and voice overs. I observed Brittany editing her video-preparing the final package for the 6:00pm segment. Its a lot of work,  and time consuming. If you can see the photo well enough, you can see the two screens. One holds the video and the other is the  editing system used by WTVM. This system creates beautiful well put together news segment. 

Finally we go the sound room, where Brittany records her voice overs. She states “track 123,” before and in between each new statement. The producer gives her approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to present her package. Brittany assured me its fine if the time is below 1 minute and 30 seconds, and that it is necessary to ask for permission if it goes over. Until next time think about this…. 

The mind is like a clock that is constantly running down. It has to be wound up daily with good thoughts.” ~ 
Fulton J. Sheen

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