Kayla-CSU Athletics-Working on Brochure

This week I continued to work on the brochure for the soccer camps that are held in the summer. I am trying to figure my way within Adobe’s Indesign program. I am still working on some finishing details in order to make the brochure look the best that I can make it. Compared to the old brochure, I believe that the new one will have many advantages to attract people to attend their camps. It will have more consistency than the other. This will be within colors and alignment of the sections. I also added a different font and updated picture with information about the head coach that was not provided within the others. I tried to include detailed and more updated pictures of the children playing soccer and swimming in the pool; which are all of the activities that they enjoy when they attend the camp. I made a border around the fonts of the different sections. Although it is hard to see within the screenshot it is present when the brochure is printed. This border is not distracting but serves its purpose. I am still trying to figure out what to put on the cover of the brochure but I was thinking along the lines of have a navy blue cloudy background with one of the current players on the front. Can’t wait to show the finished product!



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