Corinne Fisher – WTVM – Gettin’ the job done!

As I continue to learn the ins and outs of the news world, the fact that there is never a dull moment is constantly being reinforced. Wednesday was my long day again at the station. Fortunately for me it wasn’t as long as Mackenzie’s, the anchor I am shadowing. When I arrived, Mackenzie wasn’t there but she showed up shortly after. She had already been there and gotten an interview that morning around 8:30. She started the morning by making her “beat” calls. A beat is a particular subject or topic that she is always assigned to check in on. Mackenzie’s beat is Lagrange, GA. Soon after, we headed out to collect our interviews. We had to cover the canned food drive and Red Ribbon Week going on at Richards Middle School. While there, we interviewed two girls about the drive and about Red Ribbon Week. When we returned to the station it was editing time. I began to put a package together from the footage that we shot and was almost finished when someone else had to use the computer. So I spent the rest of the time watching Mackenzie. We also had some visitors to the station.

Firefighters and law enforcement touring the news room

Local firefighter and policemen came to the station to learn about how to interact with the media and see first hand what goes on at a news station and all the behind the scenes. A reporter’s job is to dig up the dirt and they will go to whatever lengths they have to to do so. Unfortunately, getting through the police can be the hardest part. That is why it is important for them to learn how to work with the media to make things better on both ends. They won’t get annoyed and we won’t have to nag. The day for me ended after we received an unexpected assignment to shoot a bus tour made up of individuals from the Concerned Veterans of America. This tour included a lieutenant from the same company that found and captured Saddam Hussein. We had the opportunity to interview him and others on the tour. We then returned back to the station around 6PM and Mackenzie was in for some overtime as she had to then put the video together.

This job isn’t always a glamorous one and calls for long hours, unexpected assignments and little to no breaks. But I am seeing that when you are passionate about something, that doesn’t really matter. You accept the job, do it to the best of your ability and don’t stop until it’s finished.

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