Dacia Canterbury with PMB Broadcasting

This week, I was finally able to start my first internship at PMB Broadcasting Radio Facilities! I started on Tuesday, and upon arrival, Dave Arwood, the man who is in charge of assigning me tasks, took me into a radio booth to teach me how to do “Imaging”. Imaging is another way of branding the company’s radio stations. You know how you would be listening to your favorite radio station and you would hear phrases like “all the hits” or “bringing you today’s best music” in-between songs? That is imaging! On Tuesday, I began to do imaging for Q107.3. Dave sat before three computers that displayed three different screens for different functions and explained how to do it. There were hundreds of sound effects and hundreds of audio phrases to choose from and once Dave finished showing me the ropes, I immediately got to work. To sort through different audio files, trying to find the right phrase with the right pitch, and adding different sound effects to the clip took forever, but it was SO much fun to do something so important for the station. It literally took 45 minutes to make an 8 second clip! On top of that, I got to meet other radio DJ’s, another intern from Columbus State University, and the two different secretaries. Everyone was very welcoming and pleasant, and they helped get me situated when Dave wasn’t around.

So for this week, I worked on the company’s “imaging”! I spent four hours at the station on Tuesday, four hours on Wednesday, and two hours on Thursday completing my first week of working at the station. It was pretty eventful and I’m ready to see what tasks I get to do next week!

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