Kelly – NPACE – Friday Night Football Focus Media

Due to time constraints, my internship has changed! I am now more than happy to be working in NPACE for the Friday Night Football Focus. This is the football radio show that is broadcasted out of the NPACE center every Friday night from about 7-11pm. I am working with Josh, Derek, Mark, Maggie, Tyler, and Mr. Hart to make this a success.

Tyler and I are in charge of social media. This is a great experience for me to expand my social media skills and work towards the growth and promotion of our radio broadcast. Mr. Hart created the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and early Friday night the page had about 5 likes. By the end of our broadcast, about 10:45pm, we were up to 32. Now, only a few days later, we are at 64 likes. This is a great jump in awareness in only a few short days, and the broadcast has yet to be aired!

We started with inviting our friends and people in the community who we knew to enjoy not only high school football, but professional and college as well, to view and like the Facebook page. We quickly saw an increase in our audience. We began receiving posts and comments in which we were able to promptly respond to. People were inquiring about game stats and updates, promotions, and our thoughts on issues related to the ongoing games. It was a great experience to see first-hand how Facebook and other social media outlets can be so interactive and how viral, even on a smaller spectrum, something can become so quickly.

I invite you to check out our page and participate in the conversation!

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