Zach Jamieson-NPACE & PMB Broadcasting-“There is something afoot at the” NPACE center!

20121019-111109.jpg Similar to Bill’s proclamation “There is something afoot at the Circle K Ted!”, on a more positive note there is an excitment in the air here in the NPACE center with the aproach of our first up and comming live broadcast for the Friday Night Football Focus high school edition (our pilot program for FNFF, as well as for NPACE radio broadcasting). Everyone here is really starting to gel, roles emerging, and the excitement is through the roof. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A COMMENT WHILE WE ARE ON THE AIR BETWEEN 7PM AND 11PM ON FRIDAYS PLEASE CLICK THE FNFF LINK ABOVE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CALL IN AND BE A PART OF OUR SHOW PLEASE CALL: 706-507-8600

On another note, I have just begun the other portion of my internship at PMB Broadcasting. With the guidence of Dave Arwood as well as the helping hand of others on staff, I have been learning new software for audio editing and working with voice parts and sound effects working towards the FFNF image. It has been alot of fun, and somewhat of a challenge balancing my shedule between my girls, PMB, NPACE, interviews, classes, work, study time, and family. In saying that I would like to openly thank my wife for here patience and persistance in understanding. Let me show you what my schedule looks like for the week and there are still a few things not added in here:


Include the fact that when it says bar at the bottom, I work untill 3-4AM, then add a dash of study time, and a little sleep (and I mean little) and you the recipe for my success! I love to be busy and man am I . But in the end, I will have a lot to show for my work here.

In the mean time may I add; When doing an interview at a high school around the end of the class day, be sure you are not parking in a spot that is blocked in by the busses or youu may be blocked in for fourty-five minutes or so while you are trying to exit!! Oops!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I can imagine how excited you might be to read my post this week, so without further a due…Until next time…

Word of the week: embrasure Definition: (noun) An opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through.

Music of the week:SIXXam-Lies of the beautiful people. I was introduces to Nikki Sixx’s ( formerly of Motley Crüe) by Chris Chaos. A few weeks ago he tossed me a few CD’s to listen to. I’m pretty impressed with Sixx’s progression from 80’s hair and metal to his new, edgy sound reminiscent of a Sevendust almost.

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