Alexis Jarrett-WLTZ NBC 38-Dee Armstrong Show-Production

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned while working in a T.V. station is to be flexible. Learning how to do everyone’s job and knowing that everything in a T.V. station is interrelated is key to survival. So far while working here I have learned how to edit news stories from CNN on Final Cut and send them to the Dee Show, work the promoter during live T.V. and the news, make Youtube and photos appear during the live show, keep track of the time during a show, work the camera’s during the show, and also update our viewers via social media outlet Facebook.

One of the skills I wish to learn is how to direct a live show inside the production room. The show director has probably the biggest job out of them all because they are in control of what you see on T.V. I was at first intimidated by all the glowing buttons and controls in the room, but now since I get to see how it is done first hand I know I can master it.

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