Dacia – PMB Broadcasting – The Start of Something New

This week, I took it upon myself to set up my internship schedule with PMB Broadcasting at their radio facilities on Wynnton Road. Upon arrival at the radio station, I met a Dave Arwood who would be the man in charge of giving me tasks to do during my internship. I also got a chance to briefly speak with Joseph Brannan, the man who brought light to the potential internships when I visited the station two weeks ago. After going over a few things with Joseph, Dave handled all of my paperwork and we sat down in a conference room to go over my new schedule starting next week. Although it’s the middle of the semester, and I’m a little late on my progress, being able to finally start this internship is coming to fruition and is pretty exciting. As far as my schedule goes, I will be working at the station 10 hours a week, so that’s 2 hours every business day. Their hours were pretty flexible with my school schedule, so I’ll be working 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Dave says, starting next Monday, he’ll let me sit in on a few shows to get the gist of things, while also hanging out in the production studio to see how radio production actually works. There’s also hopes of me working with the NPACE center out of Columbus State! Everything is working out better than I thought it would, I hope things keep up.

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