Kayla – CSU Athletics – Video Interview

This week my group that I am working with in my video production class had the opportunity to interview one of my teammates who had two ACL surgeries on her knees. She is just recently recovering from her second one that occurred this past spring. It occurred while she was trying to run away from a stove fire. Now, it is her senior year of soccer, and she is trying to come back in time so she can play. One of her major challenges is getting past the fitness tests. This is because it is really difficult to get quickly back into things when an injury has prevented you from being active for months. We thought this would be an interesting story to cover because of all the unique aspects of her specific situation.

In my video production class, I am learning a lot about the art of video and things that I never thought about whenever I’d watch videos on television. A couple of things that I have learned so far is that it is a very detailed craft, and if you want to have good video, patience is the key. We shot our interview last week, but we plan to reshoot the interview this week to improve our shots. I have learned a lot of things about the camera that I did not know before, such as: white balance, neutral density, interviewing angles, and most importantly, audio. I really enjoy this class and hope to continue to learn more. I can’t wait to show you the finished project!

Below is a picture of the group in action.

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