Raeann – Hope Harbour – CSU Communication Dept; A Valuable Resource

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Hope Harbour holds its annual walk and candlelight vigil in honor of victims and survivors. Throughout the past week I have been helping them prepare for the walk by promoting it on their social media websites, where I created an event calendar and invited over three hundred friends. I was surprised how quickly people responded. The walk is on the 9th of this month and since so many people are confirming I decided to do a count down to keep them engaged. Hope Harbour already had a poster published, but through my interactive media course I created a quick poster for the event. I had limited time to complete the poster, so I attached the rough draft. I am going to edit it for next year and do a few more features. I also created a QR code for Hope Harbour’s Facebook page and attached it to the poster. My supervisor was impressed with the poster I showed her, but I assured her it will have much improvement for next year. She loved the QR Code. She sees more everyday how the CSU Comm Dept. enables students with the resources to serve our community in any way we can. For the next week I will be promoting the walk and vigil, and my goal is to have 50 commits from friends on Facebook. The walk is next Tuesday and I look forward to writing about my experience. I have attached the draft and for you to view and the QR Code.

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