Carlinton – LiveHealthyColumbus – “Tangible Results”

The community gardens at the Luther Wilson Homes housing site is one of the projects I had the opportunity to work on during my recent internship with the organization LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC). As a result, I was so excited to find out that I will have the opportunity go back and work on this project again. The group communication class, which I am taking this semester, will provide me the opportunity to work with LHC a second time. During a recent meeting with the administrator of LHC, she requested that my group conduct a follow-up on the community gardens. In preparation for this blog and my work with LHC, I went to the gardens and took a few photos. Based on what I saw, it appears that some of the gardens are producing crops and doing well. While others seem to be dying and in need of attention. Nonetheless, I already have a sense of satisfaction to see that some of the gardens are doing so well. It is one thing to sit in a classroom and study theories and other concepts. It is quite another to see the tangible ‘fruits’ that come from the application of the theories and other concepts that are learned in a classroom. It is for this reason that I believe the NPACE center is such an exciting development for our department. As a result of working in the NPACE center, communication students will be able to see the real-world application of what is learned in the classroom. In my view, there is no difference between my community garden project and the products that are created in the NPACE center. Thus, I have no doubt, the students working in the center will develop the same sense of satisfaction that I have working with the gardens.

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