Zach-NPACE-Back to Tomatoes

Back by popular demand…the waah burger and super sized cries. Add tomatoes please (Get it? From yesterdays micro-post?)!

All kidding aside, a busy week. Just finished a brochure design proposal for NPACE‘s new brochure early this morning. I caught a few hours of  rest then I studied for a PR exam. I fully intended on getting some sleep when I got home, but I’ve spent the past several hours working with Dreamweaver for website building. I might get some shut-eye in a few, but tomorrow…

NPACE’s new qr code I created to take you directly to the site!

Up in the am (if you know me then you know this is a major accomplishment) for a Radio workshop with Dave Arwood from PMB Broadcasting , then back downtown for another scintillating  interactive media production lab and lecture with magnanimous and magnificent Dr. Park. Then I’ll Shoot home, snag a shower, and then I’m off to sling hash and bottles until about 3am at which time I’ll get some sleep and get up to study again in the morning!! No rest for the wicked.

My apologies for the incessant rambling, however; I wanted to give you an idea of the speed at which things are moving this year. With the speed at which communications and public relations are evolving, I suppose there is no better preparation for the highly competitive and non-stop world of corporate PR. This profession waits for no one.

With that being said, I need to catch a few winks! Until next time…

Word of the week; Transparent: Free of deceit.

Music of the week; With new/old singer Jesse Leach :  Killswitch Engage- My Last Serenade  

NPACE Center Radio Training With Dave Arwood

by Roger Hart
Acting Director of the NPACE Center

Dave Arwood, Operations Manager for PMB Broadcasting, held a training session for Department of Communications students in the NPACE Center radio station that PMB Broadcasting donated to Columbus State University. Arwood is starting a regular training schedule for students and interns that are aspiring to become new radio talent. We are very grateful to PMB Broadcasting’s staff and Dave Arwood for the contribution and commitment they are making to the Mass Media Studies track students in the Department of Communication. Students are working diligently on developing programming content for the NPACE Center radio station which will be able to broadcast student produced programming on PMB Broadcasting radio stations and stream the same programs on Internet Radio.

Jyotsna-Windows UCrew

Well it’s my first week for my very first internship with Windows UCrew. I can say I’m very excited but also very nervous since I’m a perfectionist and want everything to be right. With Windows UCrew I will be advertising Microsoft Windows 8 on campus to a variety of students on the new HP Spectre Ultrabook. I hope to gain much experience from speaking and interacting with students to find out if they like the material.

Cassie – Aflac – Cause Marketing and Philanthropy

Last week marked the beginning of an incredible journey as I started my internship in the Cause Marketing and Philanthropy Department at Aflac. We’re located in the CSC building behind the tall Aflac tower off Wynnton Road in Columbus, Georgia.

I cannot express enough how excited and blessed I feel to be working in a department that does so much for our community, as well as have the opportunity to work within a company that made the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For list from Fortune Magazine in 2012. The caliber of people there is incredible, and I am so excited to dive head first into this internship.

My first day was last Thursday, September 13. Below you will see a collage of pictures from my first day. I had a cubicle set up for me, equipped with balloons, a computer, a phone, and all the essentials to work in the department (pens, project planner, files, highlighters). I was so excited!

My first task of the day was to head over and get my badge made, as well as obtain a parking pass. These are both essential if you want to get and remain on Aflac’s campus. I had to wait for an ID to access my computer, so while the tech department was working on my login and e-mail address, I got busy with some filing. Our department handles all things associated with the Aflac Cancer Center inside Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. If someone within Aflac donates to the Cancer Center, which is a huge percentage of employees, the donation goes through our office first. Our field agents use writing numbers to donate money to the Cancer Center, and they can choose how much comes out of their check each month over the course of six months. We have individual donation forms for each agent who chooses to donate. These forms are also used at Aflac events where there is a silent auction or something similar where proceeds go to the Cancer Center. Since it is a tax write off for these agents, we have to keep the forms for at least 1 year after their donation. The yellow folders you see in the photo above hold all the donation forms that needed to be sorted and filed. This was a meticulous task, but one that will make our lives a lot easier in the long run, especially if an agent needs a record of his/her donation.

My department is also responsible for the Macy’s Duck Campaign, where we have the Holiday Duck in about 700 Macy stores nationwide. Before I arrived, Aflac held a contest within the company for 4 trips to New York City to walk in the Macy’s Day Parade by the Duck balloon. Their travel and accommodations will be paid by Aflac. Their airline reservations had already been made, but their hotel rooms needed to be booked. I worked with the Travel Department within Aflac to accomplish this for our 4 lucky employees and their spouses. This is just another wonderful thing about this company; they give back to their employees as well as to our community.

After making those reservations, I got busy working on our Cancer Hospitals list. Within the Macy’s Holiday Campaign, we have a Santa Believe Bus that travels across the nation stopping in 26 cities in 26 days giving out Aflac ducks to children battling cancer. Along with the Macy’s ducks and the Santa Believe Tour, we also partner with several children’s hospitals around the nation and provide them with ducks to distribute to their patients. I had to compile a list of regional and state sales coordinators that corresponded with each children’s hospital (whichever RSC or SSC was in the same area as the children’s hospital).

There are several hospitals we partners with, so that task will be awaiting completion when I return tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell everyone all about my experience working on the Macy’s Holiday Campaign as well as several other projects we’re working on. I have a conference call with Macy’s in the morning, as well as some other details to sort out about advertising and marketing. I will share the rest with you next time!

Raeann-Hope Harbour- Effective Computer Mediated Communication

Throughout the past week I have been generating a PowerPoint for the Celebration of Hope luncheon. During the luncheon, this PowerPoint will be played repeatedly throughout the celebration. The organization asked for me to include recognition of sponsors, Board Members, Auxiliary Members, community “friends” of Hope Harbour, highlights from the 2011 year (nonprofits use fiscal years so their year started July 1 2011 thru June 30 2012, but is considered the 2011 fiscal year), upcoming events, information on how the public can help, and images of prior Celebration of Hope luncheons, volunteers, staff and the clients which they serve. My supervisor at the shelter once expressed to me that she would like the physical pictures to, at one point, be integrated into a scrapbook, so I took that approach into consideration when formatting these digital images, which are grouped accordingly. The staff at the shelter provided me with the general images, a print out of information they would like included, the names and image logo of sponsors. The staff  themselves included thank you recognition slides, as well as attached clip art to some of the slides. The creation of the PowerPoint was a collaborative effort, so much computer mediated communication took place. We collaborated the project entirely online (although I also visited the organization on a regular basis in order to get feedback during production) We emailed the presentation back and forth, as what I was creating had to be proofed (due to privacy reasons). We worked diligently (as the deadline was today) and they really enjoyed the final edited version. Thursday afternoon they will be enjoying their celebration and are excited to present the PowerPoint. I do have one regret… I wish I had a better program (I am using Microsoft PowerPoint2010) to complete the mission. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Celebration of Hope will host guest speaker Stella Parton, author of the book “Tell It Sister, Tell It”, and sister of Dolly Parton, who will be selling and autographing her book with the proceeds benefiting the Columbus Alliance of Battered Women. The book tells of her personal experience with domestic violence. The luncheon is important to Hope Harbour because it raises awareness of the issue of domestic violence, it informs the community of the accomplishments of the organization, and raises a great amount of funds to help support the operational costs of the organization. Last year’s celebration raised $20,000. The Celebration of Hope is important because it raises awareness, but as an employee of a NPO myself, I enjoy being involved in events which benefit people in need.


Christina – NPACE – New Media

This past week in my internship with NPACE, I’ve learned a lot about converging media and new media.  Video, print and radio all used to be separate forms of media, and therefore, separate professions.  Over the past several years, however, it has become increasingly important for media professionals to have skills all across the spectrum of media communication as new media evolves over the Internet.  If young professionals are able to approach the workforce with an understanding of all different kinds of media production, such as web design, videography, editing, writing, public address, etc., they will have an advantage over those who are only trained in a specific skill.  More and more, I see the CSU Communication Department creating opportunities for us students to develop our skill set and become well-rounded in this way, so that when we graduate, we will have the advantage of working portfolios that not only show our academic achievements and understanding of Communication theory, but our diversity of practical, employable skills as well.

I’m so glad to be getting involved in media at a time like this, when everything is becoming increasingly integrated, because I love the idea of getting to be involved in different types of work throughout the day, instead of the same thing all the time.  I like to think that sometimes I will be writing, and sometimes editing.  Perhaps I will be behind the camera one day, and in front of it the next.  Or both on the same day!  I once saw a reporter walking down the street carrying her own professional video camera, setting it up herself, then standing in front of it reporting the news.  When she was done reporting, she packed it up, and carried it away again.  Many times reporters even edit their own stories.  I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind doing something like that.”  Now, at NPACE, I do have the ability to practice both.

One great example of this integrated approach to new media is  I’ve been visiting CNN’s website regularly for several years and, especially now as a Communication major, I think they have done a great job evolving with the progression of new media.  Notice how web design, videography, digital editing, writing, and of course, speaking skills are all important elements of the overall presentation:

What about the media you engage in regularly?  Have you noticed it evolving more into the new media format as well?

Currently, as my practical work in the NPACE internship, I am sharpening my digital film editing skills with Final Cut Pro X.  Have you had a chance to try using it yet?  It’s a lot of fun.  Doesn’t it look fun?

Here’s an excellent video about overwrite editing:

Corinne – NPaCE – Anxious

As I continue to await more news regarding my internship, I am trying to prepare myself by learning as much as I can in my video production class. Currently we are exploring different types of camera shots and how to create a different feel with each shot. We have started to film interviews and are practicing different shots during this time. Soon we will start filming whatever project we decide to take on. This will definitely help me when I begin my internship with NPACE and WTVM.

As an intern with WTVM, I hope to learn all aspects of video production. I would also like to have the opportunity to shadow a news reporter and possibly practice writing a script. At the NPACE center, I can’t wait to get involved in such a wonderful and growing organization. I look forward to helping in the process of reaching out to the community and doing what it takes to help the NPACE center become the best!

Until next time….

Natalie – Video Production – Practice Makes Perfect…

Still waiting to begin my internship with WTVM channel 9, BUT  while I wait… I am receiving the  necessary camera skill practice to help me be successful once I start!

This past week in Video Production, taught by Professor Hart, we dove into hands-on training with the camera. We worked in small groups on interviews focusing on the B-Roll technique of capturing good quality alternative shots. B-Roll film allows a camera person to capture extra/additional footage, which is used in editing and also to complement the overall content of the film.

During this past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with The Columbus Times Newspaper. It was a great learning experience overall. My first day on the job, the owner asked me if  I owned a camera. He explained that I needed it for taking photos during events. At the time my photos were taken on my high-speed cell phone. As you can imagine, my cell phone camera was  not professional enough for the intern experience, so I purchased a Cannon camera recommended by the owner. It was a great investment; the camera takes great photos.

Although my camera is not equipped with a HDV video recorder, I was able to record on it when needed. I often used the recorder when events I attended included a lot of speaking. I would record portions of  the speakers speech as  a reference to look back on.

The newspaper  and television broadcasting business are similar in that as an intern working for The Columbus Times, I was expected to attend events, interview, write articles, take and upload my own pictures.  Reporters are expected to do the same thing. In the past it had been sufficient to use a team of at least two people, the camera person and reporter. This is no longer the popular or effective way to do business. I witnessed during my event coverage, there were reporters present, setting up their own cameras, interviewing and recording the event or spokesperson.  As a person seeking a job as a reporter, it is not only important that you are able to speak and write well, but it is also very important to know how to work the camera.

Finally, as we all know by now, social media is very important and a must have skill. Not only are reporters required to be familiar with social networks such as Twitter,  and Facebook, they are also often required to have current, updated pages reflecting their stories, interviews, and event coverage. The News and Content Manager for WTVM Channel 9 mentioned that the social outlets such as Twitter and Facebook give the reader a  snippet,  redirects the viewer and  allows them to get full content on their WTVM webpage.

Until next time keep this in mind…”Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill

Jennifer- Columbus Museum- My second week

So far this week at the Columbus Museum has been a busy one. On Monday, we began looking at different social media plans and trying to organize one for the Museum. I got to talk with people at other museums to see about some of their ideas for social media plans. My goal for this week was to be able to create posts for all four of the Museums Facebook pages and Twitter for next week. I made a calendar for each upcoming week and wrote down the days I wanted to post and about what and which Facebook page. I first had to think of all the upcoming activities and events and focus on when they were. That planning took up quite a good amount of time.

Wednesday when I arrived, I got to attend my very first staff meeting with all the other employees of the Museum. They introduced me in front of everyone. They showed a power point on safety and then talked about upcoming events and what not. Majority of today was spent talking to Ashley about the plans and adjusting some things. We also came up with new ideas for different posts. This week has really given me an idea as to all the hard work that goes into making social media work and come together. Whew!