Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

This past Wednesday, Professor Roger Hart and a group of students, including me, took a trip to the PMB Broadcasting Radio Station facilities to tour the station and to watch the radio personalities produce their radio shows live.

First things first, we sat down with Joseph Brannan, who is in charge of the Engineering and Accounting departments of the facility. Then he presented a PowerPoint that gave us an overview of what all the radio station did, and lastly came the tour. With that tour, we were able to see the offices of the workers who worked behind the scenes, while also viewing the different radio personalities of four different radio stations for the Columbus GA area.

The radio stations  that were on air at the time we toured included Q107.3, 106.9 Really Rocks, 103.7 Lite FM, and Boomer 95.3. Meeting all of the different personalities was a pretty cool experience, especially the personality of 106.9 Really Rocks ! He came into the studio and showered us with free band memorabilia, including a Foo Fighters t-shirt which I’m very appreciative of! The tour ended there and we were given the opportunity of sitting in with the different personalities of our choice. I chose to sit in with Q107.3 and the personality of the hour, who’s name was Damon, mainly because Q107.3 is my favorite radio station in Columbus!

Just by sitting in the Q107.3 room for all of 30 minutes showed me how laid back Damon’s job really was. I believe it was because after working at the radio station for 10 years, Damon really seemed to enjoy his job. Damon was a very lively, open, and fun person, so vibing with him wasn’t exactly hard. I felt right at home because our personalities seemed to be on the same level. With three computers and a microphone sitting before him, Damon showed me how to operate the whole radio system for that station. One computer showed how to cue songs for the hour; Damon was completely in charge of what songs played for the next 12 hours. One computer was for tools to use during radio shows, such as celebrity voice overs and pre-recorded recordings for the hourly shows, among other things. The last computer was for Damon to use at his leisure, usually checking for emails coming into PMB Broadcasting.

The most important thing I was able to accomplish while at the radio station, was talking to Joseph Brannan about a potential internship. Since I haven’t been able to start my internship at PMB Broadcasting yet, talking to Joseph was pretty vital. He shared with us that there were many open opportunities for students to intern there, so applying wouldn’t have been an issue. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole visit, being able to physically speak with Joseph about me starting. Good news is, he says I should be up and running as intern as soon as next week!

Hopefully everything falls through. I’m more than ready to start working with PMB Broadcasting!

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