Raeann – Hope Harbour – Helping to Bridge Local NOP’s

Throughout the past week I have been creating a brochure for Hope Harbour which focuses on their new program “Safe Dates”. The program raises awareness for teen dating at risk for domestic violence by using core cirriculum and interactive activities. It is important for teens to know the signs partners display when they have potential to turn violent. Not only is the program a resource for teens who experience violent relationships but also a tool to help prevent teen dating violence, give teens the ability to help friends who may be in need, and inform parents of the information as well. Below I have attached the print brochure. It is a three fold so you may have to imagine the fold out. I have included the warning signs and core cirriculum in the brochure as well as statistics. I used photos which teens could relate to as well as provided further contact information. I also included the United Way logo to represent their partnership.

I have arranged for the program to be implemented in the local NPO I work with. We have two teen centers within our community which serves teenagers between the ages of 13-18, and provides positive programming not only in the clubs but in the local middle shools and high schools as well. Safe Dates will become a part of our program to help encourage our teen members to make the right decisions when it comes to violence in relationships.

I am happy to have been able to help bridge our organization with Hope Harbour. One of my favorite things about working for NPO is that instead of working against competition,we all work together for the better of our community. I will keep everyone updated on the progress as we merge.

During the next week I will be creating a poster for Hope Harbour. I still have to gather information for the poster, and I am meeting with my supervisor tomorrow to brainstrom ideas. I will use photoshop to create the project. Look for my post next week to check it out!

Until then…



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