Jay – Independent Study – Communication, Choices and Consequences

This is my first independent study that I have ever embarked on and I’m a little nervous.  It will require a great deal of self discipline and self reflection.  In Community Communication (3148), I was asked to write a paper about communication within a community that I have personally experienced.  I chose to write about my experience during my treatment in several hospitals for a traumatic brain injury.  Most people may not be able to see how a hospital stay can produce the sense of true community.  That was the basis of my first paper, but now I have been asked to expand that paper and look more deeply into the consequences that can occur because of choices that we make within the way that we communicate.  I believe that it is not just the medical treatment of a patient that leads to a successful recovery.  Yes, that does play a role, but one role that is sometimes overlooked is that of the relationships built and fostered while receiving that treatment.  When a hospital chooses to actually learn about and follow a patient’s progress even after they have been released, this creates a life-long relationship between an organization and an individual.  That organization has now become a community that will help to produce and foster other communities.  This will lead to life-long supporters of that community and that will help to insure the growth and prosperity that a community needs to endure.  Now I will be adding additional literature and perspective that aligns with the 83rd annual Southern States Communication Association.  The theme of this event will be Communication, Choices and Consequences and it will be held in Louisville, Kentucky April 10th through the 14th 2013.  This semester you will be able to track my progress in turning this paper into a scholarly and competitively selected conference paper, so please feel free to add your comments and give feedback!

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