Corinne – WTVM – Kickstart Another Good Cause

As I continue to await my internship with NPACE/ WTVM I decided to take on another project that would help in developing my skills going into the internship. I have volunteered to create a kickstarter video for the Servant Leadership senior project at CSU. For those of you not familiar with kickstarter, it is a website where anyone can post about their project, film, product, etc. and try to generate donations. Therefore, it is important to try to convey the project as best as possible to viewers, and create great rewards for their donations. The Servant Leadership Program at CSU is currently revisiting all of their past projects and touching up where needed. In the past we have helped the Homeless Resource Network, Azalea Trace (nursing home), Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity and the list goes on. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 to go towards these projects. This puts a great deal of pressure on me to design a video that can highlight our project as well as the need we have. The idea that I currently have in mind is to have a series of interviews; one with the servant leadership director, one with a staff member at an organization we have helped, and one with a student in the program. I will also have some still photos and B-roll, or action shots, to show while playing the audio from the interviews. I hope I will be able to capture the magnitude of our project, and at the same time, catch viewer’s attention and appeal to their emotions. This week I will be filming, and next week I hope to finish up editing. When the video is complete, I will probably post a link to it on the blog, so please check it out!

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