Jennifer-Columbus Museum-Getting down to business

Well, it is already my third week at the Columbus Museum, and I love it! Everyone continues to be so warm and friendly; always making me feel so welcomed. It has been a busy week at the Columbus Museum, creating our social media plan, but it is coming together quite nicely. Last Friday, I got to witness an exciting moment for the Development Department. They created new membership flyers, which were delivered that day. It was great to have a sneak peak of this great flyer. Everyone was so excited! Ashley explained the process to make them and how long it took, and believe me I was in shock.  Monday was quite a hectic day getting everything together but we did. I created the Facebook posts for the rest of the week and scheduled them in Hootsuite. The more I post, the more I learn. It feels so good to finally see everything come together. Hopefully at the end of the week we will begin something new!



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